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Transformational intelligence at hand

Cognitive technologies are casting a transformational impact on healthcare due to their ability to handle voluminous amounts of data. Several applications today are already artificial intelligence based, which means they are dramatically simplifying clinical workflows, predicting treatment plans and personalizing care for patients.

Suja’s AI/ML practice has evolved with the revolutionary vision of cognitive technologies. Our deep understanding of the healthcare domain and decades of experience with organizations makes us the right partner to design and build a stack of AI tools.  The shift (and preference) for AI based tools and applications is only natural. This is due to the challenges posed by disparate computing systems, generation of large volumes of unstructured data and the demand for personalized and predictable care – all of which fold into AI and machine learning technologies.

Our solutions have enabled healthcare organizations to overcome complex barriers of distance, low-resource settings and unskilled manpower. Suja’s AI based tools employ principles of machine learning and NLP to empower healthcare professionals in triaging populations and triangulating the disease before its onset.

Expand possibilities beyond thought

Smart technologies for healthy communities

Machine learning solutions are empowering communities to take control of their health and proactively take steps towards choosing healthier lifestyles. The transformative power of our solutions have helped organizations and governments to take healthcare to remote and hitherto unreachable geographies.

Artificial intelligence and data science

Suja’s solutions on AI enable healthcare professionals to perform analytics on vast amounts of data and extract insights that aid in faster decision making and diagnosis. This helps clinicians to prescribe balanced and optimal medicine without the chance for over-treatment.

Productivity meets predictability

AI’s potential to process and learn from data narrows down the options for healthcare professionals, so that they can arrive at the right treatment plan and procedure that has historically high outcome rates.

Reimagining diagnostic imaging

Suja’s solutions have dramatically changed that way diagnostics are performed on large populations. In the case of cervical cancer screening, our solution has turned a smartphone into a non-intrusive diagnostic device that can be used by unskilled manpower in the lowest of resource settings.

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