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Integrated insights for intelligent healthcare

MiQlave makes healthcare ready and handy

With its comprehensive capabilities, MiQlave dramatically simplifies how patients access and consume healthcare services from across providers – be they hospitals, doctors, diagnostics or payers. With MiQlave, patients can choose and add providers to their profiles, and grant access to health information on a real-time basis.

Being a mobile application that is always-on and plugged into every stakeholder system – from EMR to prescriptions to diagnostic reports – patients can push or pull medical records and documents to care providers of their choice. While enabling patient centricity, MiQlave also adheres to all the information protocols and guidelines, which means trust and transparency is ensured while sharing information.

Built on blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, MiQlave is a breakthrough solution that empowers patients with expanded choices while sharing their health information with providers. MiQlave is also HIPAA complaint, which means patient information, privacy, security and integrity is a certainty.

Towards smarter, secure healthcare

Secured by blockchain

Once registered, patients can upload, share and access their health documents from across the providers. The app’s blockchain capability empowers patients to grand or revoke permissions to stakeholders in real-time. Patients can also approve or reject requests for access to their health information. MiQlave’s SSL layer and two-factor biometric authentication ensures the app is singular and unique to the smartphone device.

AI-based OCR

MiqLave’s AI capabilities analyses text on images and converts them into readable and transportable text. The AI engine also evaluates the text for red flags and alerts the patient. Converted text enables the user to share it across systems, like into an existing EMR.

Standardized with FHIR

Because healthcare systems are myriad and distributed across stakeholders, MiQlave is designed to embrace every legacy technology so that information is transported seamlessly and precisely, without interoperability issues. FHIR standards improve performance of systems and also helps to keep technology budgets lean.

Innovated to obviate workflows

MiQlave’s provider app enables providers to push documents to patients without directly interfacing with the EMR. This unique feature, print driver, eliminates the need to interface with provider EMR, thus saving exorbitant costs associated with creating a separate workflow.

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