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OPD excellence without operational bottlenecks

Suja’s solution for outpatient departments simplifies the entire process of patients seeking appointments, consulting and follow up. Designed for the mobile, the app, called VirtualSteth, connects patients with the hospital, schedules appointments with doctors, facilitates payments and updates every stakeholder involved.

VirtualSteth ensures smooth queuing of patients and eliminates long waiting times, thus saving productive time for doctors and patients. The solution also seamlessly integrates into the hospital’s EMR so that future visits are all mapped and tracked into case history.

Despite being a mobile application, the solution enables a host of capabilities from e-prescriptions to video conferencing to EMR generation and through till pharmacy.

Integrating capabilities for efficient service delivery

Smart and smooth OPDs

With VirtualSteth, patients can browse through the entire list of specialties and specialists and seek appointments from anywhere, anytime. This dramatically enhances the care experience for doctors while also reducing the unplanned work for healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine on a tap

Using VirtualSteth’s telemedicine feature, patients can remotely consult with doctors, seek second a opinion and elicit e-prescriptions. Telemedicine also plays a vital role in screening and triaging patients for treatment.

First step towards EMR

Ease and convenience of VirtualSteth empowers patients to tide over the physical barriers of distances and geographies. Additionally, it gives patients to choose and create their own circle of care givers from doctor to paramedics to pharmacy.

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