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Paramedic productivity from day zero

Training and development with simulation games

Hospital administrators often grapple with everyday productivity of their staff as no two patients are alike and hence their needs. Added to this, the number of functions the staff handle and their accompanying checklists and documentation, the possibility of lowered guard shows up on productivity levels. All these add up to reflect on patient’s satisfactions levels, and hence the reputation of the hospital.

Suja’s solution for paramedics empowers staff like nurses to come onboard equipped with every operational detail and task right from the day one. Administrators can induct nurses without losing out productive time on training and reskilling the nurses.

Modelled like an adaptive game, where every aspect of the hospital like nursing station, pharmacy, utilities like shift rosters, medical equipment and tools come alive, new recruits can play and learn their role and responsibilities. The gaming solution mimics the real spatial details of the workplace, which means trainees will immediately grasp the job on the floor.

Simulated and standardized for productivity

Induction without interruption

New recruits can develop hands on familiarity with the hospitals various resources as the solution replicates the exact environment and ambience of the hospital. This evokes interest and ensures full participation of the player or the staff.

Experiential learning solution

The game format of the solution enables critical thinking like prioritizing patients, optimal usage of resources and maintaining checklists. Also, since every game is mission-critical in nature, the solution helps players to appreciate their own roles and responsibilities.

Rate, reward and recognize

Administrators can benefit from improved productivity right from the day one, since trainees have already handled the tasks virtually. This also helps administrators to rate each staff member for improvement, adjustment and reward in line with their performance.

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