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FHIR interfaced health records
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Smartphone diagnostics
Accuracy and predictability with Machine Learning
Integrated into EMR and care givers

We enable healthcare organizations with the power of technologies bind ecosystems together, tap into human intelligence and unlock operational efficiencies. The spread of our solutions embrace every stakeholder to transform myriad healthcare services into distinct experiences.

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Always-on and plugged into every stakeholder system – from EMR to prescriptions


This solution’s AI capabilities source information from diagnostic reports and alert doctors regarding dosage.


Reduces over-treatment and leads to improved efficiency of cervical screening programs.


A mobile application with a host of capabilities, from facilitating bookings to e-prescriptions, video conferencing

Immersive Learning

Created for modern hospitals’ efficiency, this virtual reality game like interface mimics every aspect of hospital functioning


Intermediaries are indispensable to health organizations because crucial data gets generated at multiple service points.

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