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Smart and intelligent cervical screening with Gyneye

About Gyneye

Gyneye is a state-of-the-art, CE certified hand-held, mobile-base, colposcope with an improved cervical cancer screening ability; The device is capable of capturing the patients’ clinical record and has the ability to save images of the cervix including video capture, annotations, clinical decision tracking with Swede score. The simplicity and portability of the technology provide the physicians to operate Gyneye in any kind of practice settings.

The device is an effective point-of-care colposcopy that can provide high-quality images and AI-assisted interpretations to identify the biopsy sited accurately in the hands of community health providers.

The device is HL7 compliant and FHIR-enabled and can be interfaced easily to other hospital management systems or API and Integrated with telemedicine for virtual consultations. The Gyneye is intended to aid physicians/ healthcare workers with colposcopy examinations. The portable device helps trained healthcare professionals to capture essential data from cervical examinations and also helps to send, receive, report, and store information gathered – A single assembly system to observe, record, and store patient records including images of the cervix.

Gyneye for Physicians

Gyneye’s AI-assisted module helps improve the diagnostic ability of colposcopy. The workflow is designed to capture patient information, obtain consent, enter patient history, conduct examination, and document the findings. Gyneye provides a simple, effective, and flexible means to conduct colposcopic examinations including risk assessment of cervical cancer, that are comparable to a traditional colposcope but much easier to use and implement. A physician can review each image captured before saving it to the patient record.
Gyneye’s application integration capabilities make it easy and effective for virtual consultations with cervical cancer specialists from remote locations; the integration will empower the field team to deliver quickly with credibility by offering a ‘single-window approach’.

Gyneye for not-for-profit

Gyneye is designed and developed taking into consideration the not-for-profit organizations to take advantage of the “single window approach” cervical screening services. The partnership between Suja Associates and local agencies can bring about the best practice of how cervical cancer screening can be adopted in low resource settings. Our global volunteers can help to train the local health care professionals in cervical cancer screening with Gyneye and software developed by Suja.

Gyneye eases the dependency of accurate cervical screening on the experience of pathologists/professionals, and uniform diagnostic standards, by providing the ability to a trained technician to record SWEDE score, connecting the technicians to physicians over telemedicine and incorporating an effective referral management system. Our Artificial Intelligence team is working to fine tune algorithms that assist colposcope operators in identifying the transformation zone, and detecting Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) through image recognition.

High precision in low-resource settings

GynEye works even in the remotest geographies that lack diagnostic and technology infrastructure. This means healthcare and research organisations can reach out to populations and triage patients based on severity of disease. The compactness of the solution not only makes it portable and simple to administer but also delivers high-quality diagnostic imaging and processing.

Cloud based localization and Telemedicine

The solution’s cloud capabilities enable real-time interfacing with remotely located clinicians for diagnosis and treatment onset. This also means sharing and collaboration among healthcare providers for multiple opinions and consultation.

AI mediated diagnosis with database

Image capture, storage and retrieval features facilitates for a large image bank, which then is processed with an AI tool to triangulate vulnerability the disease instantly. Every feature of GynEye is secured by HIPAA compliance.

Detection and treatment in a visit

The GynEye offers a powerful, online-enabled platform that works even in limited connectivity settings. By merging the traditional approaches of colposcopy using innovative digital technologies and deep learning algorithms, the solution dramatically reduces cost of diagnostics for every woman.

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