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Smart screening with instant imaging intelligence

Demystifying complexity with digital healthcare

Our solutions in the digital healthcare space addresses and resolves the most critical need for care providers – making healthcare accessible, simple and yet affordable. Suja’s solution for cervical cancer screening  GynEye– has demystified some of the complex challenges faced by healthcare providers by empowering them with technologies that catalyse their geographical outreach programs and deliver positive outcomes for patients.

In an advancement, GynEye eliminates the complex barriers associated with the traditional colposcopy procedures, which are cost exorbitant and demand highly trained clinicians. The solution uses an optically enhanced smartphone, along with a GynEye application, thus ushering in a host of possibilities for the healthcare provider.

Several field studies have proved that GynEye substantially reduces over-treatment and leads to improved efficiency of cervical screening programs. The GynEye is FDA approved. The solution is scientifically evaluated and clinically tested in Sweden, India, Bangladesh and Uganda. Today, GynEye is distributed in over 25 countries.

Disruptive capabilities for decisive healthcare

High precision in low-resource settings

GynEye works even in the remotest geographies that lack diagnostic and technology infrastructure. This means healthcare and research organisations can reach out to populations and triage patients based on severity of disease. The compactness of the solution not only makes it portable and simple to administer but also delivers high-quality diagnostic imaging and processing.

Cloud based localization and Telemedicine

The solution’s cloud capabilities enable real-time interfacing with remotely located clinicians for diagnosis and treatment onset. This also means sharing and collaboration among healthcare providers for multiple opinions and consultation.

AI mediated diagnosis with database

Image capture, storage and retrieval features facilitates for a large image bank, which then is processed with an AI tool to triangulate vulnerability the disease instantly. Every feature of GynEye is secured by HIPAA compliance.


Every aspect of information from the patient, including images, are transported through FHIR to any EMR system without glitches. This eliminates the need to invest in workflows and other technology resources and upgradations.

Detection and treatment in a visit

The GynEye offers a powerful, online-enabled platform that works even in limited connectivity settings. By merging the traditional approaches of colposcopy using innovative digital technologies and deep learning algorithms, the solution dramatically reduces cost of diagnostics for every woman.

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