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In the last two decades, we have witnessed some tectonic shifts in numerous fields. From space to logistics to food to medicine, the turnaround times have come down by a factor of double digits in many areas. Consumers have access to products/ services much faster than ever. But healthcare still has its own share of catching up to do. The current crisis provides enough evidence proving the same.

Despite some noteworthy advancements in healthcare, the privacy laws and safety standards that were established without factoring in technological evolution have been restricting it from realizing its full potential. A major application in the field that could not receive its due credit is telemedicine. Although the service was first started in early 50’s of 20th century, it did not see enough light beyond being a preferred service for senior citizens and remote patients. But that might be about to change forever as a new realization is dawning over health authorities, patients and physicians alike with a global pandemic looming coldly across the world nations!

While we are fighting off the pandemic using practical solutions such as social distancing, conscious hygiene adaption and self-quarantine, the necessity of clinical services cannot be ruled out. Offering the same, telemedicine can stand out to be the solution for the need of the hour. 

For long telemedicine has only been an alternative. But in this digital-savvy millennium, adaption is the key. Chat bots making intuitive appointments and providing primary guidance, doctors gaining instant access to electronic medical records and most of the diagnosis being done using advanced technologies such as AI/ML are simple examples which point towards an imminent revolution. It’s up to the individual institutions invested in protecting human health to realize its advent and evolve by adopting it. Health authorities are certainly looking forward to make telemedicine options viable. With collaborative effort from research universities, clinical facilities, healthcare facilities, physicians and medical institutions we can together built a truly revolutionary ecosystem. Act quickly and get on board!

In these tough times, strictly maintain social distancing. If you need clinical assistance, preferably reach out through a telemedicine application. If you are looking forward to built one for your institute/facility, consult a professional for such help.

Be informed. Be safe and healthy!

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