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Electronic prescriptions are extremely useful, a digital version of a paper prescription that a healthcare provider can send you via app, SMS or email.

All medicines can be prescribed using an e-prescription, the patient does not need to present a printout and the pharmacy does not need to deal with incoming faxes or illegible handwritten RX pages anymore. The usefulness of an e-prescription greatly improves prescription accuracy, increases patient safety, and reduces unnecessary overheads.

How does an e-prescription work?

A healthcare setup can use electronic prescribing as a stand-alone feature or as a fully-integrated EMR system depending upon their requirements. Today, medical practices are taking the advantage of progressive technology to fit all patient files and medication into an EMR system making it all comprehensive and easy to use.

Electronic prescriptions, or “e-prescriptions,” have rapidly evolved over the last decade that changed the patient experience to a different level – Hospitals, clinics, and diagnostics centres adopting e-prescriptions can experience positive changes not just for the staff, but also for the patients. There will be less of a need for in-office visits just to refill a prescription, thanks to e-prescriptions – your patients will experience fewer mistakes.

Benefits of using e-prescriptions

  • Reducing preventable errors

Electronic prescriptions are very clear in terms of treatment and dosage and require less interpretation, easier to spot mistakes.

  • Prescription tracking

Doctors can now track whether or not patients have picked up the next refill.

  • Fewer Callbacks from pharmacies

Poor handwriting can lead to pharmacists contacting your office repeatedly; an e-prescription eliminates all.

  • Cost Savings

Electronic prescriptions can drastically cut down on costs. The amount of money saved may even increase in the future as pharmacies grow more accustomed to handling them.

  • Get rid of paper files and pilferage:Switch to electronic prescriptions and replace the storage room devoted to patient paper freeing up space for more examination rooms.

To sum up, the primary benefit of e-prescription systems prevents errors and increases the safety and efficiency of prescribing practices — e-prescriptions improve patient outcomes and reduce overhead costs for establishments which make it well worth looking into.

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