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The web-based, multilingual, and scalable Careaxes HIMS platform is intended to optimize hospital, clinic, and practice operations. It creates timely reports, securely records patient data, and automates administrative processes. Remote patient monitoring (RPM), telemedicine, EMR, and administrative modules are all included in the suite.

Regardless of your position or the particular requirements of your company, our customized processes and user-friendly features make chores easier.

Why our customers choose us?

  • Patient-centric and staff-centric with a multi-location facility secured by HIPAA.
  • Easy and flexible scheduler to manage your appointments
  • Intelligent queue management and patient tracking with an intelligent progress bar.
  • Clear, concise and assisted clinical notes taking through customizable templates, voice to text dictation etc.
  • Customizable dashboards and widgets that analyse business information and help improve individual and team performance.
  • AI driven customer care chatbots providing quick redressal and reduced manual intervention.
  • Templates for sharing all/selections of the EMR with patients quickly and securely.
  • Integrations with wearables to offer a complete and continuous standard of care
  • Multi-lingual

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