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Suja’s remote patient operating tools offer a wider range of benefits while providing a better, healthier patient experience. Get the maximum out of your limited resources, including how much time you have in the day to see and treat patients. Delivering quality care can be a challenge at times due to financial and staffing constraints.

Our RPM option empowers you to:

  • Derive significant revenue through RPM services and billing
  • Provide better, more convenient virtual patient care
  • Reduce hospitalizations and readmissions

Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Suja’s RPM provides assurance for the patient’s well-being. This ensures a better experience for the patients and enables staff to provide a higher level of care.

Ease of Use

Eliminate the burden of consuming various forms of data, allowing your clinical staff members to focus on other patient-centric care activities. Keep a constant watch on patients’ health and notify a designated staff member immediately of any change of condition.

Continuum of Care

Improve patient care while effectively managing vital signs monitoring which is possible beyond the ICU and across the continuum of care by leveraging existing networks, and medical-grade sensors.  

We at Suja follow onboarding best practices – from setting patient identification filters to talking to patients about RPM, to the onboarding appointment, and more, we will provide you with practical, actionable suggestions you can implement immediately within your RPM program.

Below is a comprehensive view of our RPM systems

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