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Instilling preparedness with AR & VR

Suja’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality practice creates solutions that instill preparedness, fill gaps in skills and empower healthcare professionals by unleashing a real-time learning environment. The immersive nature of virtual reality solutions trains users in locating aids, applying knowledge, and administering care. The AR and VR create a virtual environment of a busy hospital, and emotional engagement with emergency scenarios and lifelike characters in real time builds a sense of stress and offers real-time experience. Gamification helps learners to understand the real spatial details of the workplace.

  • Train your medical staff at all skill levels to learn new skills or brush up on existing skills.
  • Improve patient experience in physical and mental therapies.
  • Perform advanced diagnostics and run risk assessments on your patients.
  • Perform complex surgeries

AR & VR in a patient’s surgical plan

The technologies also allow patients to be taken through their surgical plan by virtually stepping into a patient-specific 360° VR reconstruction. For example, a patient can virtually visualize a coronary angioplasty as how a tiny balloon catheter is inserted in a blocked blood vessel to help widen it and improve blood flow to the heart, to open clogged heart arteries or placement of a stent.

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