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Access a myriad of reports. We assure you 100% transparent, visual, and hands-on access to all of your data. Get solid metrics to measure financial, operational, and clinical success.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Analysis

Our office revenue analysis report is a single, eye-opening, big-picture display encompassing virtually every piece of financial data with the ability to drill into any point for more detail. The ORA report will consistently provide moments of revelation and insight. And, it’s only one of the hundreds of reports clients can compile.

Welcome to Healthcare Business Analytics

Get to know key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor accounts receivable and collections for insurance payers and patients, and productivity, scheduling, referrals in or out, demographics, and lots more.

Next Level Analytics

For deeper insights, we provide healthcare analytics software that can actually predict the future based on trends, gaps, and opportunities and give you actionable insights. Suja’s ability to handle predictive analytics will give you a window into how things will – or can – go and what you should do to capitalize on the good and avoid the bad.

Patient Population Stats

Monitor your patient population for trends and for identifying outliers, all in an effort to provide optimized healthcare.

Mobile KPIs and Analytics

A healthcare data analytics software that keeps you connected effortlessly to the same array of KPIs, healthcare analytics, and reports through actionable insights your iOS or Android device.

Master KPI Dashboard

Following MGMA and HFMA guidelines and reporting recommendations is easy with our analytics platform.

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