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Frictionless interoperability with Blockchain

Intermediaries are indispensable to health organizations because crucial data gets generated at multiple service points. From care givers to diagnostics to providers, a patient’s medical record is subjected to changes across the treatment cycle. This creates interoperability challenges due to the presence of disparate IT systems and standards.

Suja’s expertise in Blockchain for healthcare helps healthcare organizations to tide over all the interoperability challenges expressed by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology. Our blockchain based solution for Patient Mediated Exchange to health records, MiQlave, gives patients complete access and authentication controls over their health information without interoperability issues from any EMR platform. MiQlave’s unique print driver (patent pending) eliminates the need for an EMR interface, thus saving on investments on additional technologies.

Our blockchain technologies bring in innovative ways to unlock the value of interoperability by enabling healthcare organizations with frictionless access to data lakes, from which research and analytics can be drawn to improve care for predictable and positive outcomes.

Blockchain efficiencies for better outcomes

Omnipresent and nationwide interoperability

Blockchain simplifies health information exchange by giving patients the power to create care circles and grant permissions to individual stakeholders like care giver or provider. The technology simplifies the complex share criterion for clinical records without compromising on goals of individual stakeholders.

Secure and patient centered collaboration

Every registered patient becomes a secure data lake with an ability to upload and share records that in turn is secured by a two-factor authentication and biometric confirmation process tied to a smartphone. As every instance is a block, the entire chain is a trustless collaboration among stakeholders with the patient at the center of the network.

Enabling Patient Mediated Exchange

Suja’s solutions for blockchain in healthcare empowers patients with the ability to accept or deny at requests from the care team for that instance without effecting the overall permissions. This gives patients the flexibility to choose and share in line with their care plan.

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